Six people graduate from police partnership program

Elton Neal graduates from police partnership
Nov. 3, 2023

ST. LOUIS – Six people graduated Thursday from the Police Partnership, an intensive and targeted program that aims to deter those with weapons-related convictions from having future contacts with police and the courts.

The Police Partnership Program’s main goal is to help probationers and parolees – some of whom have been involved with gangs – find work or job training resources and avoid illegal activity and other risky behavior. That’s accomplished in part through frequent contacts and home visits by police officers trained in gang intervention as well as probation and parole officers.

Four of the six graduates attended Thursday’s ceremony in Judge Elizabeth Byrne Hogan’s courtroom, joined by officers from Missouri’s Division of Probation & Parole and detectives from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Two of the graduates couldn’t make the ceremony for good reasons: they were at work and school.


Some of the graduates said the program helped them realize they could choose a better path in life and helped them see law enforcement officers in a different light.

“It was a good experience,” one of the graduates, Corliss Davies, said of the program. “It made me prioritize my life a little bit different, you know? Thinking about who I’m around. I lost a lot of people along the way, but it made me be better.”

Corliss Davis graduates from police partnership program

is criminal justice system has by pairing detectives with probationers and parolees to achieve successful outcomes. Hogan also said she believes the Police Partnership also has a positive impact even on those who don’t ultimately graduate because it creates positive relationships with officers and fosters long-term connections that lead to educational and professional opportunities.

“You can see how many of them came in today because it is important for them to see you graduate,” Hogan told them. “And that’s because they want to see you succeed.”


Judge Hogan said at the ceremony that she thinks the Police Partnership is the strongest program the St. Lou

Later today, researchers from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Spring Hill College in Alabama are planning to announce results of a long-term study on the effectiveness of the program, which could provide a roadmap for modeling the program in other parts of the country.