Monthly Pretrial Data Reports

Recognizing that there continues to be significant public interest in this population and pretrial activity in general, the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court publishes monthly pretrial data reports which can be accessed below. In doing so, the court is attempting to provide a level of transparency around the types of decisions it is called to make on a daily basis so the general public can better understand the operational process of the judiciary.

These reports, which are prepared by court staff and designed for information-sharing purposes only, provide an accessible and detailed snapshot of the number of new criminal cases and defendants that enter the local criminal justice system each month, the level and types of charges involved, the number of defendants who are detained pretrial or released pretrial, the various conditions the court has set for defendants to be released, and other related details.

It is the court’s hope that these monthly reports will help educate the public about the city’s pretrial population and be a continued, reliable source of factual information regarding decisions judges of this circuit are making about criminal cases and defendants. Further, these reports will demonstrate the court’s attempt to apply the law and to balance the presumption of innocence, the due process rights of the accused, and the safety of the community at large.

The court began producing monthly reports in November 2021.  The court issued its first annual summary report for 2022. Click the thumbnails below to view each month's report.

  2021 2022 2023 2024
JANUARY   January 2022 thumbnail January 2023 thumbnail January 2024 thumbnail
FEBRUARY   Feb 2022 thumbnail February 2023 thumbnail February 2024 thumbnail
MARCH   March 2022 thumbnail March 2023 thumbnail March 2024 thumbnail
APRIL   April 2022 thumbnail April 2023 thumbnail April 2024 thumb
MAY   May 2022 thumbnail May 2023 thumbnail  
JUNE   June 2022 thumbnail June 2023 thumbnail  
JULY   July 2022 thumbnail July 2023 thumbnail  
AUGUST   Aug 2022 thumbnail August 2023 thumbnail  
SEPTEMBER   September 2022 thumbnail September 2023 thumbnail  
OCTOBER   October 2022 thumbnail October 2023 thumbnail  
NOVEMBER Nov 2021 thumbnail November 2022 thumbnail November 2023 thumbnail  
DECEMBER Dec 2021 thumbnail December 2022 thumbnail December 2023 thumbnail  
ANNUAL SUMMARY REPORT   2022 Annual Summary report thumbnail