Information for employers

In order for our system of justice to thrive, it is essential that our court and employers work in partnership to ensure that all St. Louis residents are available for jury service when summoned.

The court relies on cooperation from the business community to support a a fundamental system of democracy upon which private and corporate citizens rely. Businesses regularly rely on the legal system: civil litigation has a variety of business-related cases including contract disputes, environmental issues, product liability, employment and malpractice cases.

Cooperation from employers is integral to maintaining a strong jury system.

Employers must allow employees time off to serve jury duty and cannot discipline or terminate an employee summoned for jury service. Employers are encouraged to support the jury system by paying employees during jury service.

Potential jurors routinely seek to be excused from service because of loss of income. Continuing to pay employees during jury service will expand the available pool of citizens available to serve and help the 22nd Judicial Circuit assemble juries that more accurately reflect the community.

The majority of civil and criminal jury trials conclude within a week. Trials involving more complex litigation cases can run for several weeks, but these are much rarer. Citizens summoned for such cases will be informed in advance of the projected length of the trials and whether they will be sequestered.

Proof of attendance will be provided to each juror at the completion of jury service. Jurors who serve on a grand jury for an extended period of time will be given a letter at the conclusion of their service.