St. Louis Family Court

Missouri's family court system was created in 1993 with the legislation establishing a family court system in each of the state's circuit courts. Family courts have jurisdiction over all divorce cases, domestic relations, child custody and adoption cases as well as adult abuse cases and name changes.

A large percentage of the 22nd Judicial Circuit's cases are family court cases. Judges and commissioners within the St. Louis Family Court preside over these types of cases involving children and family issues.

The St. Louis Family Court is on the 9th Floor of the Civil Courts Building, 10 North Tucker Boulevard.

The 22nd Judicial Circuit's Family Court judges are:

Lynne R. Perkins Circuit Judge Division 14, 10 North Tucker Boulevard 314-622-4278
Craig K. Higgins Circuit Judge Division 15, 10 North Tucker Boulevard 314-622-4827
Nicole Colbert-Botchway Associate Circuit Judge Division 16, 10 North Tucker Boulevard 314-622-4798
In June 2024, the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court hosted a free public panel discussion at the St. Louis Central Library titled "Navigating Family Court." The session provided free, general information and resources for people who might have business in St. Louis Family Court.

The livestream of the event is available here;